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Barbecue grills may only be reserved at the pool office by adults only. No other grills or hibachis shall be used on the beach. Please consult the posted grill rules. Please call the pool office at 655-3037 to reserve a grill.

Parental supervision is required at all parties/picnics for children under 18 years of age. Parents must be in attendance for duration for the event.

No beach party or picnic may continue after 10:00PM.

For parties before 6:00PM, all guests will be charged the appropriate guest fee. After 6:00PM, there is no guest charge for beach and pool facilities. However, for parties of over 15 people, members will be charged for facilities, guard, and clean-up staff. Prior approval for parties of over 15 people must be obtained from the Club Manager.

It is the intention of the Board of Governors and the Beach & Pool Committee that use of Club beach & pool facilities is reserved for members, their families and guests; and any use of the beach and pool by groups of non-members (school/team outings, birthday parties, etc.) is discouraged at all times; and only permitted as stated in these rules.

Groups, consisting solely of member families, are always allowed to use the beach and pool facilities, except if the size of the group and usage prevents or inhibits use of these facilities by other members.

All/any beach/pool parties are prohibited during, and on the day of Club events, and on holidays and weekend days prior to 6 pm.

Guest, usage, food/beverage, lifeguard and other fees may apply to all group parties, to be determined by the Club Manager

For the period from the date of Darien School closing through the second Saturday in August (prime season), beach or pool parties (outside of club activities and events) for more than 10 people are prohibited. The only exception to this rule is that member family/group BBQ’s using RESERVED Club grills and starting after 6 pm, on weekdays only, are allowed for more than 10 with prior approval of the Club Manager. Non-member groups larger than 10 are always prohibited from pool use during this period of time.

For the period of Club Opening through School Closing (late May thru mid-June), groups of up to 25 maximum, may be permitted to have a beach and/or pool party, during the hours that school is in session (between 10 am – 3 pm) on weekdays. Prior permission is required from the club Manager and the Beach/Pool Committee. 

After the second weekend in August until Labor Day Weekend, weekday only, beach/pool parties may be permitted for groups larger than 10, but less than 25, may be permitted with prior permission of the Club Manager AND the Beach/Pool Committee.

In September, after pool closing and fall school opening, groups of more than 25, but less than 50, may be permitted to have a beach outing, weekdays only, with prior permission of the Club Manager & Beach/Pool Committee.

All permitted groups are subject to all Club rules and by-laws and are subject to the current year's Pool Grill Reservation Rules.