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TOKENEKE WARRIORS: Swimming, Diving and Water Polo



On behalf of the Aquatics staff we are excited for another season at the Tokeneke Beach and Pool. We are ready to take all of our team spirit from last year and dive
right in for 2016! With our new coaching staff, we hope to make this summer a great experience for all at Tokeneke.

Our programs: we have a variety of different options for getting involved with our aquatics program, which are explained in more detail in the Beach & Pool Booklet (link on your right):
1. Tokeneke Warriors Swim Team
2. Pre‐Team (Very Popular)
3. Diving
4. Water Polo
5. Swim Lessons
6. Private Lessons
7. Adult Swim Team (Masters)
8. Stroke Clinics

Coaching Staff:
James Voyages, Aquatics Director, Head Swim Coach and Lessons

Mackenzie Coughlin, Assistant Swim Coach & Lessons
Connor White, Head Diving Coach, Assistant Swim Coach

Olivia Hallisey, Assistant Swim Coach, Swim Lessons
Sam Bass, Head Water Polo Coach & Assistant Swim Coach
Elizabeth Lane, Assistant Water Polo Coach & Swim Lessons

Robbie Waters, Assistant Diving Coach & Lifeguard

Team Philosophy:
Promoting all aquatic sports while succeeding in such a fashion that is fair, honest and courteous to all our competitors and teammates. All swimmers, divers and water polo players should remember a team commitment and realize that the overall good of the team far outweighs our personal gains or accolades.

Recent Success and Awards:

  • 2013 Swim and Dive Division 3 Champion. This summer we will move up and compete in Division 2.
  • 2012 & 2013 Division 2 Midgets Water‐Polo Champions.
  • 2013 Girls 17/U Diving Champion Darien and Fairfield County
  • Skip Lehmann Team Spirit Award: Voted on by each division’s coaches and swim chairs for the team who shows the most team spirit, sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials and volunteers.
  • FCSL Phillip R. Goode Award: A team which shows the most improvement, prior year to current year in dual meets and championships swim meets results voted on by the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors selected Tokeneke because of its great rise from 2011 until now, going 5‐0, 1‐5 to 5‐1 moving from Division 4 to 2 in a three year period. In the 30 years of the award’s existence Tokeneke has never won this distinction until this year.