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At Tokeneke Club we continue to bring many new ideas for our members. We created an 'Online Tennis Shop' page for you to make your spring - summer shopping, and select all our tennis gear at a competitive club rate. Our online tennis shop is stocking gear from the following brands: Wilson, Babolat, New Balance, Fila, Under Armour and more.
We encourage you to make your tennis shopping a better experience, faster and easier with our new 24/7 operational service.

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Wilson Men's Textured Polo
Color: White
  Wilson Knit Stretch Woven Polo                Wilson NVision Elite Polo          
 $54.99                   $60.00        $35.99    

Wilson Nvision Elite 9" Knit Short     Wilson Woven Team 10" Short             Wilson Rush Knit Cap          
 $35.99                       $34.95        $24.99      
Wilson Women's Core Strappy Tank   Wilson NVision Elite Cap Sleeve Top             Wilson Women's Rush 13.5" Skirt          
 $45.00                       $45.00          $49.99      
Wilson Women's Sporty 12.5" Skirt   Wilson Women's Team Tank             Wilson Women's Team  Skirt          
 $45.00                       $34.95           $34.95      
                                               UNDER ARMOUR
Asics Club Woven Jacket                Asics Club Woven Pant             Asics Court 9" Short          
 $69.99                 $74.99                      $38.00        
Asics Rally Dress   Asics Team Performance Tennis Dress                      Asics Club Woven Short 7"                      
 $50.00                   $59.95                $48.00        
                                             FILA- Apparel With Tokeneke Logo

Fila Fundamental Solid Polo                      Fila Fundamental Tour Short                  Fila Hard Court Short          
 $52.00                    $40.00       $40.00   
Fila Men's Core Polo Shirt                    Fila Men's Core 9" Hard Court Short                               
 $35.00                     $30.00                                                    
Fila Platinum Dress
Color: White
                       Fila Net Set Dress
Color: White
                    Fila Lawn Dress          
 $90.00               $85.00        $80.00   
Fila Net Set
Racerback Tank
                       Fila Net Set Cap Sleeve Top                 Fila Net Set Peplum Top          
 $60.00               $56.00        $56.00   
Fila Lawn Cami Tank   Fila Ruched Cap Sleeve Top             Fila Tulip Tank Top