Ladies NYCT Fall Tennis League Champions

Congratulations to all our Tokeneke Ladies for participating and winning the NYCT Interclub Division 3 Fall League this season. 

We are excited to be featured in COURTGIRL MAGAZINE digital edition at! 
Here is the link to the article and pictures: Courtgirl.

Have a great winter and see you all next year!

Tokeneke Tennis



Faycal Rhazali – Professional

The Pros and his associates will offer private lessons as well as weekday clinics and group lessons. Contact the Pro Shop for registration and fees.

Tennis Pro Shop – 8:00AM to 6:00PM (until 8:00PM on match/event days)
A complete line of tennis equipment and merchandise for the whole family is stocked in the Pro Shop, and a 24-hour stringing service is available.


2017 Season Opening: TBD as posted by Pro or club staff; no play allowed if “Courts Closed” signs posted or nets down.

Weekdays, Weekends, & Holidays: Courts open at 8:00AM; Courts close at dusk daily.  Court Servicing: Staff will close courts as necessary for servicing each day, between 12:00-3:00PM; and also prior to events and matches. Staff will attempt to not affect play whenever possible. Members are required to relinquish a court if requested by staff for the purpose of servicing.


Men’s inter club matches (I, II, III, IV and senior teams). Fairfield Country Tennis League, Wednesday and Thursday evenings through July.

Ladies inter club matches (A, B, C & senior level) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings through July.

Junior inter club matches: “FCJTL' team matches on Thursday afternoon, “Future Star League” team Wednesday afternoons. A Ladder System provides the basis for choosing teams used in inter club matches; one must sign up on the ladder and play challenge matches. Juniors must wear tennis whites and clay court white tennis shoes for all matches. Tee shirts are not permitted for matches.

Club Championships: There are numerous club tournaments one may enter. A sign up will be available during the season. Play-downs will begin in Mid-August and all quarterfinals matches must be completed by the end of August. On Labor Day Weekend, only the semis and finals will be played.

Court Assignments

a. All players’ names must be on the sign up or reservations sheet, whether people are waiting or not.

b. Two or more people must be present and ready to play when their court is available.

c. Groups consisting of all first time players have priority over any waiting group if half of that group have already played twice that day.

d. The attendant on duty will make all court assignments.

e. All guests must be signed in before beginning to play.

Adults (17 years and over)

a. Adults have court preference at all times not specifically designated for Juniors.

b. Men’s, including full time working women, doubles and singles have preference over mixed and women’s singles and mixed and women’s doubles on weekend and holiday mornings until 12 noon. For preference, more than half the players must be men or full time working women.

c. Adults may use an empty court during Junior preference time, but must relinquish the court when Juniors are waiting.

Juniors (under 17 years)

a. Until school is out in June and after school has begun in September, juniors have preference weekdays from 3:00 to 5:00PM.

b. After school is out, Juniors have preference weekdays, noon to 3:00PM.

c. For prearranged challenge matches, Juniors have preference on two courts Sunday mornings, 8 to 9:30AM.

d. Juniors have adult status when playing with the adults.

e. Juniors may use an empty court during adult preference time but must relinquish it when adults are waiting.

Special Events

Special events, including tournaments and inter club matches, shall preempt the normal court preference system.

Advance Court Reservations

a. Five courts will be set aside for advanced online reservations for 1-1/2 hour periods for doubles and 1 hour periods for singles play. There will also be courts set aside for walk-in on a first come first serve basis. 

Note: reservation time may be interrupted for 5-10 minutes for court servicing if necessary.

b. Courts may be reserved 1 week in advance and no later than 9AM for the same day reservations.

c. The court assignment attendant will accept reservations in person, by telephone
(655-3464), or using the online court reservations system, accessible through the Tokeneke Website – Member Central or Tennis - web page. (also linked on the right).

d. The online reservations system shall determine disputes regarding court time.  The reservations indicated in the online system shall have priority.

e. Unreserved, cancellation, or no show court time will be assigned to wait list players. The pro shop clock will be the official time. Since failure to arrive on time will cause loss of the reservation, members are advised to plan to arrive a few minutes early. Reserved courts will be held no longer than 10 minutes from the starting reservation time before being released for wait list players.

f. Members may play on reserved court time only once a day. A member of such a group may not play on other courts on the same day if there is a wait.

g. Advanced court reservations will be suspended during special events that require the use of all courts.

h. There will be no court reservation system after Labor Day.

Wait List Court Assignments

a. All players in a group need not be present for sign-up, but at least one member of the group must sign up in person.

b. On weekday afternoons (when school is out), sign-up will not be accepted before 3:00PM. Groups consisting of all “first time” players have sign up preference prior to 3:15PM. “FIRST TIME” PLAYERS EXCLUDES CLINICS, LESSONS AND TEAM PRACTICE BUT DOES INCLUDE MATCHES.

c. Players missing their court must sign up again at the end of the sign up list.

d. Doubles players may start their hour even if temporarily short a player or may elect to “miss” their turn and sign up again at the end of the sign up list.

e. When people are waiting, play is limited to one hour for singles and one and one quarter hours for doubles.

f. Play will be interrupted for court service period, but time remaining to players will be restored in full after service.


a. The pro or designee has the right at all times to two courts for lessons or clinics and to a third court, weekdays, for the advanced junior program.

b. A lowered net means that court is unfit for play, and only a member of the tennis staff may raise a net.

c. All rules apply whether the tennis staff is on duty or not.

d. All private lessons and tennis clinics are restricted to Tokeneke Club Members.

Dress Code

a. All players must wear White tennis attire on the courts. White shirts, skirts and shorts which contain color trim or design not exceeding 10% of the material are permitted.

b. Colored sweaters, vests and warm-ups are permitted.

c. Collared shirts are required for all males over the age of 17. Juniors are permitted to wear white tee shirts, except for interclub matches.

d. Jogging shorts and other attire not specifically designed for tennis cannot be worn.

e. The proper white clay court tennis shoes are required for play, no running, basketball or other athletic shoes are permitted.

f. Members are responsible for informing their guests of this dress policy.



Ladies Member Guest

July 21@ 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Organizer: Tennis
(203) 655-3464

Ladies/Men Pro-Am

July 23@ 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Organizer: Tennis
(203) 655-3464